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Algo-Chain's Model Portfolio Research Hub

Welcome to Algo-Chain's passive investing research hub, where as a client of our Model Portfolio Service, Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers can get an overview of the equity, fixed income and commodity markets and the global economy.

Use this hub to conveniently access your portfolios and the performance & analytics of each of the funds selected, and to gain a better insight into the macros economic landscape on a country and regional basis.

Market Overview

  • Gold
  • Property
  • Developed Equities
  • Emerging Equities
  • Developed Fixed Income
  • Emerging Fixed Income

Economic Overview

  • OECD Overview

ETF Model Portfolios

  • Full suite of ETF Model Portfolios
  • Target Risk Levels
  • Asset Allocation Breakdown
  • Currency Breakdown
  • Geographical Exposure
Combine this information with an overview of what's happening in each of the economic zones and you will quickly be in control when you have your next client review meeting.