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Smart TV for the Smart Beta Investor

Video Curator: Allan Lane

The rising popularity of smart beta strategies has shaken up the investment world and investors are now showing much more interest in non-market cap weighted indices. However, with that increased level of attention comes a wide range of views. In this collection of videos we let the proponents, for and against smart beta, speak for themselves.

Deutsche Asset Management Rob Bush explains factors

The Risk-Return Paradox of Low-Volatility Investing

Integrating ESG into factor investing

Smart Beta in Fixed Income: Harnessing the Low Volatility Factor

Diversifying into Factor-Based Investment Process with Index ETFs

Billionaire Cliff Asness: Investment Strategy, Risk and Active Investing

Critical Analysis of Bottom Up Multi Factor Portfolio Construction

What is smart beta? - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

Bogle: Smart Beta Does Not Deliver Better Returns

WisdomTree Europe - What are Smart Beta ETFs?

STOXX / CFA conference - Smart Beta: the 360° overview

The Ongoing Controversy of Alpha, Beta and “Smart Beta”