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  • Design your portfolio and manage your risks using data science
  • Access a wide range of exposures, including ESG passive investments
  • The machine learning engine uses Bayesian forecasting to rank the probability of outperformance for each fund in your portfolio
  • Repeatable, rules-based framework that reduces reliance of guesswork
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After the recent bouts of market turbulence,
how good were your risk adjusted returns?

  • Algo-Chain currently provides the research and Model Portfolio weightings to a number of Discretionary Fund Managers and in the link above we show an example of a Model Portfolio that is designed to be weatherproof. In this particular case, the model employs a carefully calibrated momentum signal across a range of asset classes.
  • One important question to ask is – now that we are heading into unchartered territory – how will your portfolio perform in a market crash and how can you make it more robust to unforeseen events? Is the lack of transparency of active funds holding you back from applying a more scientific approach to fund selection and asset allocation?
  • Last, but not least, with the underperformance of many active managers, the key question to ask is – on a risk adjusted basis, how good was your portfolio’s performance after fees? At Algo-Chain we have developed a set of tools that show the range of performances for a certain risk level. It also allows us to provide insights into how to improve an investor’s performance and weatherproof the portfolio.