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Twenty20 ESG Cautious iBasket
Twenty20 ESG Cautious-Balanced iBasket
Twenty20 ESG Balanced iBasket
Twenty20 ESG Growth iBasket
Algo-Chain currently provides the research and Model Portfolio weightings for a number of Discretionary Fund Managers. In the links above we show one of the many sets of example Model Portfolios that use ETFs. This particular set comprises Twenty20 Investments' suite of Model Portfolios built using funds that are suitable for ESG investors.

These are available for an annual management fee of 15 basis points per year (plus VAT), and now have a track record of over four years.

Contact us if you would like to access these models via our FCA regulated partner firms.

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The Model Portfolio Wizard
If you are a Financial Advisor who recommends investments to your clients, or instead you design and run your own Model Portfolio service, then Algo-Chain's Model Portfolio Wizard is the tool for you.

Get up to speed quickly, and hit the ground running with the Model Portfolio Wizard. Innovate and grow your client base.

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3 Ways To Drive The Wizard

  • Search for portfolios by Target Risk that have the best long-term risk adjusted performance
  • Exploit mean-reversion by finding those portfolios that have under-performed over the last 12 months
  • Identify portfolios which have benefited the most from the diversification properties of gold