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“Consilium Asset Management have used the iBasket Wizard since its launch. It has improved our portfolio research and construction for our clients and is now an integral part of our advice process. Well done Allan, Irene and everyone at Algo-chain”

Graham Bond, Owner
Consilium Asset Management, Bristol, UK

“Thanks to the iBasket Wizard, building personalised, optimized model portfolios has never been easier, quicker or more robust. The must have tool for advisors”

Mark Cherrill, Partner
Incisive Wealth Strategies, Rickmansworth, UK

What Would Warren Buffet Do?

At Algo-Chain we have designed a radically new approach to building an investment portfolio, that operates on the principle that every multi-asset investor should benchmark their skill against a model portfolio built using Exchange Traded Funds, ETFs.

By starting from the outset with a portfolio with well understood risk and return characteristics, one has a baseline from which to judge any subsequent tactical asset allocation decisions.

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Ready, Steady, Go Customize

Once you have selected your portfolio, you can either export this as an Excel spreadsheet ready to send to your preferred Fianncial Advisor platform or you can save this to your own portfolio management system where you can make further changes to your portfolio