Articial Intelligence
Try out our Portfolio Construction Wizard which systematically searches the Markets to find the best performing Model Portfolios.
Our mission at Algo-Chain is to help investors achieve their full potential by leveraging the power of data science.

Let's face it, even at the best of times, as an investor one is facing constant changes, such as reaping the benefits of low fees, the disruptive regulatory landscape, and least we not forget one's ability to keep on top of the markets. However, help is at hand, never at any point in history has there been a better opportunity to leverage the vast array of intelligent technology that is at your disposal.

Harnessing that technology and augmenting your own limitations is the key to your future success.

Investment Skill: Nature or Nurture?

At Algo-Chain we have designed a radically new approach to investing, that operates on the principle that every multi-asset investor should benchmark their skill against model portfolios built using Exchange Traded Funds, ETFs.

By starting from the outset with a portfolio with well understood risk and return characteristics, one has a baseline from which to judge any subsequent tactical asset allocation decisions.
The iBasket™ Wizard
Construct bespoke Multi-Asset Target Risk Model Portfolios in no time at all.
Put the many lessons learnt from the past to good use by beginning your investment process from a well understood starting point.

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