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Algo-Driven Model Portfolios
Intelligent Fund Selection & Re-Balancing

Radically transform your investment proposition

Bespoke White Label
Portfolio Design

As a Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager, being able to add the personal touch is the best way to differentiate your services from that of your competition.

As the trend for hyper-personalization around ESG investing increases, Algo-Chain’s Model Portfolio Wizard will ensure you can step up to that challenge.

Machine Learning Assisted

As Machine Learning tools become common place, being able to identify which investments look the most promising to go over or underweight on, is now within reach.

Our models have been developed over 15 years, taking advantage of the transparency of ETFs, making them well suited to an evidence-based Bayesian forecasting framework.

Target Top Quartile

We prefer to talk about risk-adjusted returns rather than absolute performance, and on that basis, what really matters as a manager is where you rank amongst your peer group.

Algo-Chain cannot guarantee it will always deliver top performance, but we are confident our tools can help you improve your ranking.

Why Algo-Chain?

Algo-Chain is an online Model Portfolio platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools and solutions for the Wealth Management industry.

Our framework allows our clients to implement & run scalable ETF portfolios across major currencies, GBP, USD, EUR.

Algo-Driven Model Portfolios
Intelligent Fund Selection & Re-Balancing

ETF Genie

Financial Advisors

Algo-Chain offers a Global Model Portfolio Service for those Financial Advisors looking to outsource their investment process.

Alternatively, if you offer your own advisory service, our Model Portfolio Wizard, available on a subscription basis, is the tool for you.
ETF Genie

Wealth Managers

For firms looking to offer their own institutional quality investment service, Algo-Chain’s White Label solution fits the bill.

Our solution will empower you to offer bespoke Model Portfolios and provide you with access to our library of portfolio models and re-balancing tools, and all at a price that is hard to beat.
ETF Genie

Family Offices

At Algo-Chain we believe the best way to go about wealth preservation is to rigorously adhere to the principles of diversification.

Our Portfolio Advisory offering is designed around our expertise in passive investments where we can help you ensure your portfolio is going to survive the next market downturn.