A radically new approach to Passive Investing that will transform your business

Data Science

Algo-Chain uses data science to link Financial Advisors, Brokers, Wealth Managers & Investors via our intelligent fund selection and portfolio construction tools.

Our mission is to help all participants get the most out of technology.

Intelligent Fund Selection

In a world of excess, keeping on top of so much information is now impossible

With close to 10,000 listings of ETFs globally, our in house classification system makes easy work when choosing a passive investment fund

Algo-Driven Portfolios

Do you need more time to concentrate on your business?

Why not let our Model Portfolio Wizard save you many days of hard work. With so many funds to select let our smart algorithms do the heavy lifting.

The astonishing power of Multi-Asset iBaskets™ is hard to ignore.

This suggests that every investor should benchmark their skill against these portfolios.

Make Easy Work of Building Risk Targeted Model Portfolios

Anyone who has been an investor for any length of time knows that controlling the downside losses holds the key to success.
However, constructing Risk Targeted Portfolios can be a time consuming activity without the right tools.
iBasket Wizard filters
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