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Algo Driven Fund Selection

As a Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager are you finding the challenge of selecting funds from an increasing number of passive and active funds ever more daunting?

Cluster analysis, Bayesian forecasting techniques and adaptive filtering methodologies are all tools that one can now employ to good effect.

Are you confident that you can discern the difference between one Smart Beta factor from another? I thought as much, which suggests it’s time to modernise your selection process and start employing some forecasting models to do the heavy lifting for you.

Portfolio Construction Tools

Offering a ‘Model Portfolio’ proposition remains a very popular way for Financial Advisors to scale their business as they compete in a world of increased competition from Robo Advisors.

Switching from an ad hoc fund selection process to one base around a repeatable process, complete with hard and fast rules, allows one to test out how the Model Portfolios might behave across different economic cycles.

Access the right tools and make the switch to a rules based investment process.

Factor Investing

As the Fund Management industry continues to innovate with its next generation of products, the scope for creativity in the investment space continues apace, and none more so than in the world of Smart Beta products.

Critical to that mission is the role played by factors such as quality, value, momentum and low volatility which drive returns and represents a portfolio's DNA. Bringing this framework to a much wider audience is one of our missions at Algo-Chain.

At the end of the day, why pay hedge fund style performance fees when a dynamically adjusted portfolio of Smart Beta products will do the job for you?


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