A radically new approach to Model Portfolio construction that will transform the way you think about measuring your performance

Our Proposition

Algo-Chain is a data science firm providing high impact research and portfolio construction tools to the investment community.

Our mission is to help investors of all stripes gain and maintain an edge over their competition.

Algo-Driven Portfolio Selection

Do you need more time to concentrate on your investment decisions?

Spending just 10 minutes looking at factsheets soon adds up, so why not let our Model Portfolio Wizard save you days of hard work. While you relax, it will be busy updating all of the models ready for study.

Asset Class Risk Premia

Our construction tools will allow you to design a Risk Targeted Multi-Asset Model Portfolio in minutes.

From this vantage point, one can see that with well constructed diversified portfolios, increasing investment risk often comes with higher returns.

The astonishing power of Multi-Asset iBaskets™ is hard to ignore.

This suggests that every investor should benchmark their skill against these portfolios.

Make Easy Work of Building Risk Targeted Model Portfolios

Anyone who has been an investor for any length of time knows that controlling the downside losses holds the key to success.
However, constructing Risk Targeted Portfolios can be a time consuming activity without the right tools.
iBasket Wizard filters
iBasket Wizard scatter plot

What's Your Preferred Investment Factor?

It is so easy to be distracted by what's happening in the market today and lose sight of the long-term horizon.
Take it as read, at Algo-Chain we believe in the benefits of diversification and the insights that come with a factor based approach to investing.
Using our Model Portfolio Toolkit you will be able to study the impact of selecting your own investment factors.
In a world where access to data is essential to success, by signing up to our online plan you will have instant access to an incredibly powerful ETF database that currently is home to close to 10,000 fund listings.

Sign up to our free Model Portfolio Bulletin to access the benchmarking statistics relating to the best performing portfolios across each of the 10 Target Risk categories on a monthly basis.

With a wide range of Risk Targeted Model Portfolios in our library, covering many of the asset management industry's choices of multi-asset allocations, what better way than to keep up with which strategies are currently performing well and which ones aren't.