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Isaac Newton the world's first quant

European Investment Journal

Quarterly Issue: Fall 2021
Allan Lane
Allan Lane
Algo-Chain, Co-Founder
Table of Contents
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  • Market Volatility as a Driver of Financial Innovation
    Allan Lane, Co-Founder Algo-Chain
  • Framing the Future of Wealth Management: Technology Touches Everything
    Leighton Hughes, Vice President Sales, Centre for Study of Financial Innovation
  • Using Cycles as the Key to Market Timing
    Charles Nenner Founder & CEO, Charles Nenner Research LLC
  • Macro Outlook and Mega Trends
    Antonio Curia, Executive Director, Wimmer Financial LLP
  • CSI China Internet Market Volatility FAQ
    Dr. Xiaolin Chen, Head of International, KraneShares
  • Bitcoin: The Continuous Institutional Adoption of Crypto Currencies
    Bradley DukeCEO, ETC Group
  • A Chorus Usually Sounds in Tune
    Romain Duvergé, Executive Director, Strategic Advisory Solutions, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
  • UK Retail: Closed for Business?
    Peter LoweDirector, Portfolio Manager, BMO Real Estate Investments Trust
  • Changing Values
    Josh Varghese,Founding Partner, Axia Real Assets
  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Free Advisors to Focus on What They Do Best
    Karim Rashwan, Managing Director, AdvisorStream