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Algo-Driven Model Portfolios
The baseline for rules-based investing

A new approach to building portfolios that will
radically transform your investment proposition

ETF Genie

ETF Genie

As a Financial Advisor, Broker or Wealth Manager, with 10,000 listed ETFs to choose from, keeping on top of passive funds remains a challenge, so why not let our ETF Genie do that for you.

Model Portfolio Wizard

Model Portfolio Wizard

As a Wealth Manager, you know the benefits of Passive Investing make sense and now you can hit the ground running with our Model Portfolio Wizard and start to grow your client base.

Global Model Portfolio Service

Model Portfolio Service

Do you need more time to concentrate on your business and less time on selecting funds? If this rings true then it is time to consider signing up for our Global Model Portfolio Service.

The Wizard's data driven approach to constructing investment portfolios will allow you to compete with the most sophisticated investors and improve your performance

Model Portfolio Wizard
For Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers

Why use Algo-Chain's Wizard
As a Financial Advisor or Wealth Manager, participate in the Passive Investing revolution

Our models leverage the power of data science

Use the Model Portfolio Wizard to find the best performing Model Portfolios in minutes

Systematically enhance your investment skills

The astonishing power of a digital network is hard to ignore.

Leverage the knowledge of the chain - Brokers - Robo Advisors - Platforms - Financial Advisors - Wealth Managers

ETFs in 2020 - A Global Outlook - BrightTALK 03 - June 2020
Hear the insights of Dr Irene Bauer
03 June 2020

If you let the Wizard scan all of the investment choices on your behalf, you will be surprised how much you can improve your performance when constructing a model portfolio

Evolution, not revolution
let technology do the heavy lifting For You

Data Science

Algo-Chain uses data science to link Financial Advisors, Brokers, Wealth Managers & Investors via our intelligent fund selection and portfolio construction tools.

Our mission is to help all participants get the most out of technology.

Intelligent Fund Selection

In a world of excess, keeping on top of so much information is now impossible

With close to 10,000 listings of ETFs globally, our in house classification system makes easy work when choosing a passive investment fund

Algo-Driven Portfolios

Do you need more time to concentrate on your business?

Why not let our Model Portfolio Wizard save you many days of hard work. With so many funds to select let our smart algorithms do the heavy lifting.

ETF Genie

- Over 9,000 ETF Listings including iShares, Vanguard & SPDR
- Create your own unlimited ETF Playlists
- Access Algo-Chain's ETF League Tables
- Access Algo-Chain's ETF Heatmaps
- Keep up to date with new ESG launches

Sign up for free to access the ETF League Tables, the ETF Power Broker 100 lists and the Algo-Chain ETF Playlists.